My Travels

While living in the United Arab Emirates, my husband and I have had some amazing travel opportunities. The Middle East is a great place to be located because it literally is in the middle – 4-8 hours to various countries in Asia, and 6-7 hours to anywhere in Europe and the UK. We try to take advantage of every opportunity we can to visit other countries because we know that once we return to the United States these opportunities will be much more scarce. Here’s some of the places we’ve been able to explore . . .


Oman CollageOur first trip was to Oman. We fell in love with this country and it is within driving distance of our home in Al Ain! We have been to Oman twice – the first time to Muscat and the second to Ras Al Jinz to see turtle hatch and lay their eggs. For more on these trips click here.


Collage NepalOur second trip, during December 2012, we to Nepal. We were able to explore Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, and Pokhara. The Himalayas were incredible and the people were extremely friendly and honest! Click here for more!


Collage ThailandDuring March 2013 we spent our spring break in Thailand. We went all out and explored Bangkok and then flew to Krabi to enjoy the gorgeous beaches! I highly recommend both hotels we stayed in – local, beautiful, clean, and friendly! Those places really helped make our trip in Thailand memorable. Click here to explore!


Collage QatarIn June 2013 we found ourselves with a three day weekend decided to take the short, one hour flight from Dubai, UAE to Doha, Qatar! Doha is perfect for a 3 day weekend – the Islamic Art Museum was amazing, as well as the old souk, and corniche. Click here for more.


Collage ScotlandAfter returning from visiting family in our summer break, Scott and I were invited to explore Scotland with our dear friends Jenna and Dave. They showed us all around this beautiful country – from castles, to distilleries, to the countryside and cities! Click here for our three week long trip all around Scotland.


Collage AmsterdamAfter Scotland we took a boat to Amsterdam! This has been probably my favorite city in the world and a place I could live for the rest of my life! To see why Amsterdam is so special to my heart, click here.


Istanbul collageIn December we got a long weekend off school and we were feeling antsy to travel! So we headed over to Istanbul, Turkey! What an enchanting city it was – mosques, tea, bazaars, cafes, Turkish baths, the Bosphorus, and dozens of little alleys and shops to get lost in. To see more of this city, a perfect mix of Europe and Asia, click here!

Thanks for visiting my blog – keep following to see where we go next . . .


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