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AbayaSad to say that I have lived in the UAE for two years and only now I am buying some abayas! At my new school most of the teachers wear abayas which I love, so I decided to buy some of my own. For those of you living in Abu Dhabi, I went to Blue Diamond near Abu Dhabi Mall. The prices are great and the guys working there are super helpful. I ended up buying four abayas and had another tailored. What I liked the best is that they will order one if they don’t have your size and then he will tailor it to fit you. He also offered many suggestions based on the ones I liked. If you go, make sure to try each one on as they all fit a little differently.

Abaya 1Like many people before coming here, I had assumed that abayas were just all black, that’s it. But after coming here there is a lot of fashion and style that comes with abayas. At a quick glance, the abayas I am wearing above are “just black” but they are also embroidered and detailed with lace and beads. The sleeves can be puffy, fitted, or open. Some abayas even have colors added to them – gold, green, pink, purple, burgundy etc. The thing I like the best is that each morning I can wake up and put one of these on and not worry about being modest. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable thing I can wear while teaching, plus they are just plain beautiful.  Already looking forward to my next paycheck when I can buy a few more!

Abaya 2