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This will be my third year teaching in the UAE, and this year I will be at a new school. I am excited and hopeful, but also nervous . . .

IMG_20140506_081326[1]I’m sad to be leaving the wonderful students at Nahel School and all the staff I got to know – some of my colleagues became like close friends and provided such support, especially from the time I found out about my aneurysm to having the surgery. One really close friend brought flowers to school for me after I found out and while recovering a group of teachers even came to my house to visit me.  The class I taught last year included some of the most sincere and caring students I have ever taught.

My girls threw me a good luck party before my surgery - they showered me with cards and flowers and food. Too sweet.

My girls threw me a good luck party before my surgery – they showered me with cards and flowers and food. Too sweet.

Because of the surgery we have now moved to Abu Dhabi. So far this move has brought Scott and I such renewed energy for life. We feel hopeful again, positive again, and ready to enjoy life again. But, we are nervous about our new schools. In the course of my teaching career, I have taught in 5 different schools and that first day I always feel so awkward. I look forward to the time when a new place becomes familiar and has routines. Being in the Emirates has taught me to be flexible and go with the flow.

The day it rained and classes were cancelled

The day classes were cancelled due to rain – sometimes its easy to go with the flow!

Because of the surgery I have not taught since the first week in May. I am of course worried about how I will process so many new things with my brain still healing. Since the surgery, I have noticed that multitasking is really difficult for me – can cause headaches and cause my thinking to just shut down. Teaching might be a challenge for me at first, but I am confident that my brain will continue to heal and grow and adapt. I hope it’s just like “riding a bike again.” I have done so much teaching throughout my life, I know it’s something that will come back to me, even if I’m a bit rusty at first.

One of the rare days when the projector actually worked! Had to take a picture to remember!

With all that said we are very excited about this change. We will be going from a common cycle (grades 1-12 in the same building) to an only cycle 3 (high school) settings. I look forward to being around colleagues who all have a similar focus and are all dealing with the same age group. We will have the first week to get organized before the students report, and I can’t wait to meet my new colleagues and see my new school. So, my goals for this school year? Honestly it’s a simple as this: I want to enjoy my job – connect with my students, create thought-provoking lessons, and become a part of this new school’s community! Wish me luck!