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So our last hotel didn’t have the best connection, making blogging a bit more difficult. But I seem to have a better connection now so let me catch you up on the last 3 days . . .

Day 6 (August 6th), we arrived in Brussels. It was a bit rainy but that didn’t stop us from exploring a bit. The word for this day was “reflection.” We were tired from driving and the rain seemed to lull so we grabbed some coffee and homemade waffles right in the main square and sat down to relax. While enjoying the moment, I noticed that the reflection of Brussels city hall was in the window of the cafe:

2014-08-06 13.28.25-1We enjoyed the rest of our evening with a long dinner and a visit to the famous Delirium Cafe! It did not disappoint and the tap list was endless! Plus the atmosphere couldn’t be beat.

2014-08-06 19.24.20Day 7 (August 7th): We enjoyed the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussles which included the Magritte Museum – which was the highlight of the museum. The museum went through his life and all the different styles he experimented with, plus some of his more famous works. I couldn’t help but snap this pic while outside the museum shop:

2014-08-07 15.31.44-1

After once again we just enjoyed wandering the city. The photo prompt for August 7th was “Today is” and I chose to call that day blues skies, city walks, museums, and parks:

2014-08-07 15.35.46-1Day 8 (August 8th): We left Brussles and drove on towards Antwerp. Along the way we stopped for a tour of Duvel Brewery, and for dinner we found oursleves at the Westmalle Trappist Brewery. Trappist breweries have been my favorite so far to tour. There are 6 Trappist breweries in Belgium (8 in the world) and we have been to 4 of them on this trip alone (and planning on visiting another tomorrow!). Of course you cannot go inside the abbey, but most have a cafe where you can sample their beers and get some food and also you can walk through the outer grounds of the monestary. So after enjoying your meal you can go for a walk and soak up nature. A perfect way to spend the day if you ask me and yesterday felt almost magical. Β The rain from the day finally let up so Scott and I walked around the abbey grounds of Westmalle. The evening sun had finally broken through the storm clouds. My photo prompt for yesterday was “selfie” and I couldn’t think of a better time for a selfie than here:

2014-08-08 19.54.42

2014-08-08 19.59.48

2014-08-08 20.01.14-1Hope to post more really soon! But before i go – if you had to take a selfie which moment of your day would you choose to capture?