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DSCN0008Sorry it has been sooo long since my last post – things have been crazy! We found out at the beginning of July that we will be transferred from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi! We are very excited and optimistic about this change. To be quite honest, Scott and I never felt at home in Al Ain. We are city people and love being in the hustle and bustle of everything. Al Ain was more like a gigantic suburb. There was nothing wrong about our time there, it’s just that lifestyle didn’t fit with our personalities. With our new place, Scott said it was like our quality of life improved overnight. Here is a picture of our new home as featured in a local magazine (we are the lower building that is curved with balconies):

Magazine Article ArcIn addition to that, our apartment in Al Ain never felt like a home – the layout was awkward, there was very little light (we called the place our cave), and despite efforts to personalize the place it just never felt like a home, like a place we wanted to be. We have been living in our new apartment in Abu Dhabi now for a week and already it feels more like a home than our old place ever did. There is an open layout, plenty of light, and it is just 5 minutes to the city center. We feel connected again, vibrant, and excited about being in this country. The city we now call home:

DSCN1036It is crazy to think that we have been in this country long enough to move. This move has been really good for me mentally, though. I feel like I have a fresh start. The surgery is behind me and now I can move forward. Plus there is a doctor only 10 minutes away who can help me if I need anything (in Al Ain it would have been and hour and a half to the nearest doctor that could help with my situation). Not only that but our new housing placements are miles beyond our old housing placement in Al Ain. Included in our housing – for free – are 3 pools, a tennis court, basketball courts, squash court, and gyms. Plus there is a mall with a grocery store right across the street! It really is, in my opinion, shocking how different the housing situations in Al Ain are versus the housing situations in Abu Dhabi. We moved from a two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom apartment, but I think that the square footage is about the same. We have a nice, big, bright, livable living area with an open kitchen, plus a big bedroom with built in wardrobes! Plus a half bath and a full on-suite bath. Here is a snapshot of our place before we moved our furniture (hoping to post it furnished later):

Apartment collageour balconyour view:

DSCN0001the facilities:

facilities collageWe used a moving company to help us move – and for anyone following in the UAE and looking for movers, I would HIGHLY recommend these guys! They were extremely professional and took great care of our furniture. They were only a touch pricier than other companies I heard about – but I also heard that those companies damaged furniture, scratched things, and were not nearly as professional. It seems like you get what you pay for in this matter. The name of the company was Al Marazeeq Movers – they wore a uniform, came the day before the move to assess what they needed to bring, and even wrapped all the furniture before transporting it to ensure no damage was done to it. Plus, and this is the best part, not only were they on time but they were EARLY! Something that is a miracle in this country! They were efficient, careful, and respectful.

2014-07-10 08.59.122014-07-10 08.21.09They had to take apart our bed to fit it into the elevator so they disassembled it, wrapped each piece, and put it back together again in our new apartment. So, any of my UAE followers/friends if you need a mover – call them! Ok, now back to our new home:

IMG_20140720_172004[1]So, we are still unpacking boxes but are really enjoying our new home – and it really feels like a home this time. Plus the pool and gym have been great for my recovery. It is too hot and humid this time of the year to be walking outside so the cool water and air conditioned gym are perfect for me to get my strength back!


I am really optimistic about this upcoming school year and looking forward to healthier lifestyle changes and a bit of city life!