Here are some things that I have been thinking about/that have touched me lately . . .

UntitledIt’s amazing how you will always need your parents. Things have come full circle. As a baby my mother fed me, washed me, combed my hair, and made sure I was sleeping enough. Since the surgery she and my dad have been right by my side. So often I am touched by their love. While combing my hair I could not help but think of when I was a small child and my mother would do this for me before school – and here I am an adult, and I still need her as my mom. While growing up my Dad’s home made chicken noodle soup always made things better – and after brain surgery as an adult nothing is better than his chicken soup. It’s basically a bowl of love:

IMG_20140523_193656I was also touched that my friend Thahnah took the time to visit me at my home when I returned from the hospital. She brought me gorgeous flowers, chocolates, and the warm joy of her company. She has been such a sweet and gentle friend for me through all of this.

IMG_20140524_122031 IMG_20140526_063648Last has been my amazing husband. He still calls me beautiful – even with 50 staples in my head. He has been so strong for me through all of this – never letting me doubt, never letting me be anything less than positive and hopeful. I could not have made it this far in my recovery without him. He has been my rock, he is the love of my life, and he has stolen my heart forever. I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am.

IMG_20140525_191608I even want to give a shout out to Susannah Conway and her blog. Before all of this happened I was taking a class offered by her called The Sacred Alone. You can take it too – she is offering it again this fall! And it is totally worth it. During this class we learned how to be reflective, meditate, and journal. The whole idea is to be ok when you are alone. The word sacred is not too far off from the word scared – and I find when I am alone I am often scared. This class completely prepared me for my experience with brain surgery. So often I was alone – either in an MRI machine, on an operating table, in a hospital room, or even just sleeping at night. Instead of being scared, this class taught me how to find the sacred in those moments – through meditation, prayer, and reflection. Being alone doesn’t have to be scary and I’m so glad I learned that before having brain surgery. Often the doctors would remark at how peaceful me and my family were and how well my body worked with them during the surgery and procedures – coincidence? I think not. Through that class I have learned to pray continuously and I know God was with me through all of that. I have found peace in and through all things – a peace that surpasses understanding. I know I will get through this surgery one step at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time. So, here’s the the journey ahead of me and to improvements each day, joy each day, and peace through it all . . .