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So as some of you know, things have been difficult lately and that’s why I haven’t been blogging. But things have slowed down the last couple of days and I had the afternoon to myself so I decided to blog. Editing pictures and writing about our travels is something that makes me happy, and gets my mind off things. So, even though its terribly late, I hope you enjoy the rest of our time in Prague (letter C) . . .

Map of Trip

Before I start with the pictures I have to say that I have never had a strong desire to go to Europe – but this trip really surprised me. I have always wanted to go to “more exotic” countries and destinations, but after traveling around Europe for 3 weeks I really fell in love with how magical and romantic it all is. The architecture is so rich, the languages so syncopated, and the countless streets to get lost in! Yeah, you could say Europe caught my heart on this trip. And Prague certainly surprised me.

DSCN0419 editedFor our last day we took the tram back to the Charles Bridge. All along the bridge are various statues – and many you can rub for good luck. We even saw a man playing music on the bridge. A great way to start your morning if you ask me!

DSCN0421 edited 2 DSCN0426 DSCN0428 editedEntering the city from this tram stop meant we got to meander through all the captivating streets and alleys that make up Prague.

DSCN0431 edited 2 DSCN0432 edited 2Finally we arrived at our first destination for the day . . .

DSCN0453 editedThis is the square where the Old Town Hall is (the building the picture above) and the famous Astronomical Clock! All around this square were stalls filled with Christmas trinkets and tons of souvenirs. Not to mention the food and drinks (gluhwein, mead, cider) I love how even the Christmas tree in the square was decorated with clock pieces! There was even live music and children singing Christmas carols.

DSCN0451DSCN0437 editedDSCN0456 editedDSCN0458DSCN0462At this point it was time to see the Astronomical Clock! But, what is an astronomical clock you might ask? Well, it is a clock that not only displays the time, but also the position of the sun, moon, zodiac constellations, and one of the dials acts as a calendar. Pretty cool if you ask me. Plus Prague’s is the oldest working Astronomical clock in the world! I was most surprised, however, by how low to the ground it was. I guess I pictured it high up on the side of a building. Anyways it was pretty cool. And when it went off the windows at the top opened and all the Apostles came out to say hello!

DSCN0470DSCN0478 edited 3 DSCN0483 DSCN0472DSCN0475 edited 2DSCN0478 edited 2

DSCN0476The clock was really something worth seeing! Of course we couldn’t leave the Christmas market without getting another Trdlo!

DSCN0484 editedFrom here we meandered again through the lovely city streets until we found Wenceslas Square. Do you remember him from my past post? He was the good King of his day and well loved by all the people – and is famous from this Christmas song. This square is in honor of him.

DSCN0490 editedIt too had a Christmas market! It’s always nice seeing nativity scenes and Christmas trees during this time of year (remember I said this post was old! lol).

DSCN0495 editedWhile trying to get a picture of this beautiful wooden nativity scene, a man decided to walk over and put a bird on me. Kind of strange but we laughed it off.

DSCN0500But then the bird decided to jump onto my head! Seriously, I didn’t even know I could make that face! hahaha

DSCN0501Well, at this point, Scott had to join in the fun . . .

DSCN0503So thank you Prague and thank you random guy in Wenceslas Square! Anyways, speaking of the lovely square . . . DSCN0510 edited 2DSCN0511At this point it was getting dark and time to head back. We again leisurely strolled through the streets back to the Charles Bridge and our tram stop. There was a brewery back near our hotel and that was where we were going to have dinner!

DSCN0520 DSCN0526 DSCN0521 After the tram ride it was off to Staropramen for delicious drinks and delicious food.

DSCN0569 DSCN0570Cheers until the next post everyone!