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So after exploring Prague Castle, we meandered our way down from the castle hill and towards the Kafka Museum. If you’re not that into Kafka you wouldn’t have to put this on your must see list, but Scott and I are literature nerds so we had to check it out.

DSCN0293 editedDSCN0292Kafka is famous for his short story “The Metamorphosis.” The museum did a great job of exploring his life and what influenced his writing. On a very different note, just in front of the museum is this hilarious moving statue of two men urinating – so Scott felt the urge to join in (just joking of course!):

DSCN0291From the Kafka Museum we headed down to the water for great views of the Charles Bridge.

DSCN0283 editedDSCN0282 editedThe sun was beginning to set and we wanted to be sure to stroll along this historic bridge before it was too dark. This bridge was built all the way back in the 1400s and was the only way to cross the Vltava River until 1841! This means that the river really divided the city. All along this bridge there are various statues of saints and religious people. Some of the statues are meant to bring good luck and we often saw people rubbing them for good luck. Like I said in my previous post about Prague, this city is magical – it’s no wonder it has often been called “The Fairy Tale City.” The architecture is magnificent – full of character, history, secrets, and stories. So come take a walk with me through the city of Prague on our way to the Charles Bridge . . .

DSCN0287 edited 2DSCN0288 editedDSCN0294 editedDSCN0300 editedDSCN0298Can you say magical? This city swept me away. From this point we arrived at the Charles Bridge just in time for sunset. Since I cannot describe this for you adequately with words just enjoy the pictures – dim the lights and pretend you’re taking an evening stroll along the Charles Bridge in Prague . . .

DSCN0299 edited 2DSCN0304 editedDSCN0323 editedDSCN0306 editedDSCN0315 editedDSCN0307 editedDSCN0332 editedDSCN0327 editedDSCN0313 editedDSCN0316 editedDSCN0328 edited 2DSCN0325 editedDSCN0330DSCN0361 editedDSCN0342DSCN0352DSCN0366At this point it was time for a local snack: a Trdlo! These are sold everywhere in Prague. They are made my twisting thin slices of dough around a rotating medal rod above a fire. This allows the dough to cook evenly. Then cinnamon sugar is added. When the dough is removed its a fun and tasty treat. And I love cinnamon so you know I had to try it! We found a cute little cafe, grabbed some tea and some Trdlos and took in the romantic city of Prague.

DSCN0365 editedAt this point we took the tram back to our hotel and were pleasantly surprised to discover a Christmas market just off the tram stop! There was a beautiful wooden nativity scene, traditional Czech dances, and, of course, more Trdlos!

DSCN0402DSCN0405 editedDSCN0371 editedDSCN0404 editedWe just couldn’t get enough of Czech food so we headed to Zlaty Klas back in Smichov for a good, hearty Czech dinner. The bars in our area were amazing! This one was also full of bohemian character and plenty of Pilsner Urquell! We relaxed, reminisced about our travels, and took in all the life around us.

DSCN0406 editedDSCN0412DSCN0409Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Believe it or not there’s still more of Prague to come : )