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DSCN0041 Edited PragueSo far in my recap we have landed and stayed in Vienna, traveled to Budweis and arrived in Prague (letter C on the map). Just click here for Vienna, here for Schonbrunn Palace, or here for Budweiser if you’ve missed anything.

Map of TripWhen we woke up the next morning in Prague we decided we wanted to see the Prague Castle right away. Since our hotel was outside of the tourist center we took a tram everywhere. Our NH Hotel was really helpful. They told us what number tram to take and even sold the tram tickets at the hotel – very convenient!

tramsWalking around Prague, especially the main area is a treat in and of itself. The bohemian architecture, castles, and fairy-tale like quality to the city is almost magical. It’s all very inspiring and imaginative.

DSCN0050 editedDSCN0049 edited 2DSCN0056 Edited Prague 1The first thing we had to do in Prague was to climb the city and see Prague Castle. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. What surprised me the most was that when you enter the castle walls, you enter a mini village – there is a church, and rooms, and houses where all the workers lived. It was really interesting. The walk to Prague Castle was a lot of fun. We climbed higher into the city and had great views:

DSCN0055The entrance to the castle was complete with a gate, statues, and even guards (can you pick them out?)!

DSCN0059DSCN0060DSCN0062 editedOnce inside you cannot help but be awed by the presence of the St. Vitus Cathedral. However, I will keep you in suspense for now and show you those pictures at the end of this post! Walking around the castle grounds was a lot of fun. Different tickets allowed you entrance to different buildings – and some places you cannot take pictures in (boo!) but here are a few of the castle’s features we opted to see. The first was Saint George’s Basilica – a small but beautiful little church:

DSCN0120 editedDSCN0124 Edited Prage Castle 2DSCN0129DSCN0135 Edited Prague CastleDSCN0141 Edited Prague CastleFrom here we decided to take a walk on the Golden Lane. This is a part of the castle that is lined with various cottages. The guards and workers of the castle would have lived here. Later, artists started living here. Franz Kafka stayed here with his sister in house No. 22 for a short while so that’s pretty cool!

DSCN0151 editedDSCN0153 editedDSCN0152 editedDSCN0160 editedAfter seeing some other buildings that we couldn’t take pictures of, we meandered though the castle streets and found a look out point that offered another great view of the city:

DSCN0164 edited DSCN0161As you can see, Prague is a city that you can easily fall in love with. Now it’s time for me to share with you my favorite part of the castle: The St. Vitus Cathedral! This was the first Gothic cathedral I think I’ve ever seen in person and it was massive! The castle seemed to be built around this cathedral as walls and buildings are scattered closely around it. When we first came into the castle we spent quite a bit of time admiring this overwhelming piece of architecture just from the outside . . .

DSCN0076 Edited PragueDSCN0078 Edited St. VitusDSCN0079DSCN0092DSCN0088 Edited St. VitusDSCN0099 Edited St. VitusDSCN0093DSCN0115 Edited St. VitusDSCN0102 editedDSCN0122 editedNow that I’ve covered the outside – the inside of this cathedral was even more breathtaking. It was so refreshing to be in a cathedral again. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing mosques everywhere all the time, but I miss seeing churches around – steeples with crosses, grand rooftops and stained glass. Being in a Muslim country for  this long has made me long for public signs of Christianity – churches and Christmas decorations and Ash Wednesday. Because words can’t describe this church, I will let the pictures do the talking:

DSCN0170 edited 2DSCN0172 edited 2DSCN0181 editedDSCN0174DSCN0185 editedDSCN0188 edited 2DSCN0192DSCN0189 editedDSCN0202 editedDSCN0199 editedIn the middle of this magnificent cathedral was the chapel of King Wenceslas (from the Christmas song – click here if you’re not sure). So of course all through Prague Scott and I were cheerfully singing this song!

DSCN0242DSCN0250Here are a few more of the inside of St. Vitus Cathedral. Like I said it was probably the biggest Cathedral I have ever been in. The stained glass and alters were almost endless and we lost ourselves in this place.

DSCN0220DSCN0213 editedDSCN0205 edited 2DSCN0237 editedGrandma, I know you’d love this organ! Talk about grand!

DSCN0255 edited 2DSCN0246 editedDSCN0264 editedDSCN0243 editedAfter exploring all of St. Vitus we made the long walk back down from the castle hill, taking in some more views of the city of Prague.

DSCN0275 editedDSCN0276DSCN0269 editedThat evening we continued to walk around the city and I can’t wait to post more – but I think this is enough for now. So I’ll leave you with a view of the castle from across the city:

DSCN0334 edited