Schonbrunn Palace 2We didn’t have  a lot of time in Vienna (click here to see our past post on Vienna if you missed it and our European Vacation Map – Vienna is letter M), so while there I wanted to make sure that we saw Schonbrunn Palace.

DSCN9917When traveling to a city and you don’t have a lot of time it’s best to prioritize what you want to do and see because the fact is you will not be able to see it all. We typically pick 1-5 things depending on how long we will be in a place. These things are our “must dos.” If we discover we have more time and are able to see more than what’s on our list, then we count ourselves lucky. For Vienna we were able to see Schonbrunn Palace as planned – so mission accomplished! Our bonus was that we were able to also see so many Christmas markets – there was one in front of the palace and we discovered another one near our hotel that night.

DSCN9920Sadly you cannot take pictures inside the palace – meaning all the beautiful Rococo architecture we saw remains unphotographed : ( But we meandered to the back of the palace and, even though it was winter, we were able to see the beautiful gardens. With the way the sun was setting, the whole palace seemed to glow in the crisp, cold air.

Schonbrunn Palace back DSCN9932DSCN9927If any of you watch the Amazing Race, then you know that the gardens in the back of Schonbrunn Palace were featured in this past season! So it was really cool to be there after seeing it on T.V. Maybe this looks familiar . . .

Schonbrunn Palace back 2The Neptune Garden that sits in front of the Gloriette was really impressive, and so was the Gloriette . . .

DSCN9940DSCN9942DSCN9943DSCN9946DSCN9954DSCN9953DSCN9962It was a long walk uphill to the back of the gardens, but the view was well worth it!

DSCN9968Hahaha! No, not that view – this view . . .

Schonbrunn Palace viewSchonbrunn Palace view 2Much better : ) As the sun started to set, we decided to enjoy the Christmas market a little longer before driving back to our hotel. It was really beautiful all lit up – and very festive too!

DSCN9973 DSCN9976When we arrived back at our hotel we discovered that there was ANOTHER Christmas market within walking distance!! Like I mentioned in the last post, being in the UAE you miss out on all these festivities – so we were stoked and we weren’t calling it a night just yet! Christmas markets really are wonderful – we should start them in Buffalo. There’s mulled wine, desserts, schnitzel, spaetzle, Christmas cookies, crafts, decorations, and tons of Christmas trees! If we couldn’t be home for the holidays, then Christmas markets were the next best thing!

This last market we visited had a ferris wheel and live music. It was a blast – oh and not to mention schnitzel sandwiches!!!


That’s all for Vienna. Stay tuned because after Vienna it was off to the Czech Republic – and you don’t want to miss those posts : ) Our first stop – Budweis, home of the original Budweiser!