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Last week the Emirates celebrated their 42nd National Day! Like last year the whole country went all out – decorations, fireworks, and the biggest UAE flags you’ve ever seen! The best part is all the people that go crazy decorating their car with national day things. The Rands posted a bit about National Day here and it has some great pictures of those cars. My favorite part about this time of year is that in Al Ain they decorate all the round-abouts with huge light displays and town center is all lit up. One evening Scott and I went around our town of Al Ain to try and capture these light displays for you . . .

DSCN0027DSCN0105DSCN0109DSCN0095There is a restaurant in town center called Leisure that Scott and I went to with our friend Jennifer. They have very good Arabic food and the atmosphere is the best! It’s all outdoors and surrounded by date palms that are lit up with lights.

DSCN0096My favorite part about Al Ain at night is the view from our roof. When we first came to Al Ain, it was in the summer and the sky was so hazy that we couldn’t see the Jebel Hafeet mountain from our roof. But strangely at night we would see these lights that almost floated up to heaven – we joked that it was the stairway to heaven! The road to the top of the Jebel Hafeet is lit up at night and you can see it clearly no matter how hazy.

DSCN0033DSCN0039That’s all for now for Al Ain at night. Stay tuned for my posts about our trip to Istanbul!!