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So a couple days ago Scott and I drove into the desert to get a picture for our Christmas card this year. We parked on the side of the road and crossed the camel gate to start looking for a spot to set up for our picture. While walking around an Emirati man and his son pulled up in the pick-up truck. He asked how we were and what we were doing in the desert. He then invited us to his horse farm! Sadly the sun was setting and we had made plans so we had to decline but he said anytime we want we can come to his farm. We were so touched to see this kindness. I’m not sure why I’m sharing this story – I think mainly because it shows the kind of Arab hospitality you hear so much about.


DSCN0056While out in the desert, however, we were so amazed by the silence. Each time I’ve actually left the road and gone out into the desert I am surprised by the stillness, calmness, and peace that surrounds the sand dunes. You can hear the breeze, the sand rushing over the dunes, and quiet – peaceful quiet. It’s places like this that have made me still. Scott and I just stood silent looking over the sand and the desert brush. In that moment we were full of peace.


DSCN0068Since it is thanksgiving I thought I’d mention something that I am most thankful for – my husband. Through all our traveling we have grown closer and closer in ways I couldn’t have imagined. We have come to trust each other in deeper ways, rely on each other, and become not only best friends but traveling companions. I love that I have spent the last year and half seeing the world with my loved one. I could’ve have asked for a better dream come true.


And speaking of turkey, Scott and I will be headed off to Istanbul, Turkey in just a couple hours. Instead of eating turkey on this holiday we are headed off to Turkey! We were surprised with a long weekend and decided to jump on over to Istanbul. We are looking forward to a Turkish bath, seeing the Hagia Sophia, and continuing to travel together.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!