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This past weekend Scott and I were able to stay at the Oceanic Hotel in Khorfakkan. It’s about 2 and a half hours from Al Ain and 20 minutes up the coast from Fujairah. We left right from school on Thursday so got in around dinner time. We had booked the romantic package which included dinner each night we were there and breakfast each morning, plus cake in the room, and a 30 minute massage. We didn’t realize that one of the dinners would be on the patio overlooking the beach or that our room would be just as romantic as the weekend:


DSCN9865The first night our dinner was a seafood buffet and it was quite good for a buffet! The next morning we awoke to this view from our room:

DSCN9869We enjoyed a lovely breakfast buffet (which included my favorites – pancakes and cinnamon rolls!). We decided to relax and enjoy the pool and beach but by the time we headed down to the pool it had started storming! Thunder, lightening, huge rain drops! It has only rained maybe 6 times since we have been here and of course one of them is going to be the day we get away for the weekend! Thankfully the storm didn’t last too long and we were able to go enjoy the ocean.


After the storm the water was quite choppy but that only made swimming fun! Tons of waves : )

DSCN9901DSCN9893DSCN9894DSCN9899DSCN9906DSCN9908After a couple hours on the beach the storm decided to kick up again. Since Fujairah is only 20 minutes away we decided to explore. We ended up finding a Tim Horton’s in one of the mall’s in Fujairah – Tim Horton’s! It only made our day better! We then went to the Hilton in Fujairah and relaxed on their beach while the sun was setting:


DSCN9920When we got back to our hotel we were excited to find out that our second dinner was set on the patio by the beach! It was a private 4 course dinner just for us!! The sound of the ocean, rose petals, and delicious food – a great end to our day! We had bread, soup, shrimp caesar salad, a seafood platter with butter sauce, and orange chocolate cake! During the meal we made a cat-friend who decided to sleep under our table.

romantic dinnerDSCN9929DSCN9931DSCN9924DSCN9944

DSCN9941DSCN9945DSCN9959DSCN9963The next morning the storm had cleared, the sun was out, and it was a beautiful, calm morning. We had breakfast outside and then ready by the beach and swam in the pool. If you are planning on staying soon do know that they are doing construction near the beach so it is a bit noisy at times. If you are by the pool, however, you can’t hear the noise at all. Besides, no construction could distract us from the clear water, warm breeze, and blue skies. Needless to say we were sad to leave and head back home but hope to come back for another visit.


DSCN9979DSCN9981DSCN9990We snapped a few more pics on our way out. I just loved that we were in the UAE and were seeing mountains and ocean instead of sand. For the whole weekend I thought I was somewhere far away instead of in the UAE. The staff at the hotel was more than accommodating, the massage was relaxing and the room overlooked the ocean, and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get away for the weekend!


Driving through Fujairah on our way home

Driving through Fujairah on our way home

Driving through the beautiful mountains

Driving through the beautiful mountains

DSCN0016Sadly of course the mountains turn back to sand. In the pictures below you can see where they started growing grass on the sand. If you look close you can even see the black hoses irrigating the sand.


That’s all for our weekend! school was inspected last week and exams start soon so I should have more time to blog!! Stay tuned for more posts . . .