Wow this has taken way to long to post and I sincerely apologize – especially to Reima!! Who’s Reima do you ask? And what is the Snail Mail Collective? Well let me back up for a second . . .

The Snail Mail Collective

Remember back in July I partnered with Megan who is living in Australia and we sent each other cute gifts? Well, I participated again in September and this time with the wonderful traveling Reima who calls California home. The Snail Mail Collective was created by Melyssa of The Nectar Collective and Chelsea from Lost in Travels. The gist of the collective is to partner people from all around the word to share about their lives, travels, goals, and aspirations and then end the month by mailing a small package. Well I got to meet the free-spirited and open Reima from Love a Traveler . . .

Seriously guys, Reima is so awesome. Not only does she have her travel blog but she also does a food blog, has time to make a Facebook page for her blog, instagram, and be on twitter so there’s so many great ways to get in touch with her! Her blog is full of travel advice and all her adventures (So many countries in Central and South America!!). She was so easy to talk to and we sent the month of September (and October too!) sending each other “book emails.” We both love to write and express ourselves so we were a great match for this month. But enough of me bragging – check out her blog for yourself:

The theme for this month was “Back to School” so Reima sent me a really neat care package:

DSCN9839I got a notebook, file organizer, the prettiest pencils and pens, a thoughtful card and candy. You can see that not all of these are posted in the picture. I already brought some of the stuff to school with me and, well you all know me so you know that the candy is long gone!

DSCN9834I look forward to staying in touch with Reima and following her blog. I seriously encourage you to check out her blog(s).

So to end this post I leave you with a snapshot from our emails. Reima and I talked about, well, basically everything in the world! At one point Reima had a great idea to interview each other by email in order to get to know each other more. So here I share more about her:

Favorite dish to cook: hmmmm Anything with shrimp! Or Moroccan Lamb Stew with Couscous!

Favorite place to relax: Preferrably out of the country! ahaha but if I’m in the states, definitely any park with shade or Venice Beach, California!

Favorite color: Pink. Lately I’ve been loving that sea green/turquise color too.

dessert: knafeh, Atayef, chocolate souffle, flan, and marshmallows!

flower: sunflowers and red roses

season: winter! And spring/fall – only when the weather is cool!

animal: turtles, white tigers, dolphins, penguins, and elephants!

places: Venice Beach, California, Bocas del Toro, Panama, Peru, San Telmo, Argentina, Amazon, Brazil/Ecuador, Tikal, Guatemala, I could go on!

Hobbies: Travel, Cooking/Baking/Eating :), and Exercise – Running, Biking, Soccer, Hiking, Swimming!

Β top 3 bucket list items: 1- Step foot on every continent (2 more to go!), Witness a World Cup Soccer game in person, and attempt to go to every country in this world! – That may be a tough one but I’ll try! :-p

most daring thing: I’ve done some interesting things but I’d have to say the most daring was biking on the worlds most dangerous road in Bolivia! I am so afraid of heights and falling and somehow I signed myself up to do this! It was scary at first but once I got the hang of it and felt more comfortable, I went crazy down the road! It was so much fun! And then somehow I found more adrenaline and ziplined right after I biked the road! It was a crazy day! btw, I highly recommend going to Costa Rica for the ziplining!

Β 3 countries you have to go to: I’d have to say Morocco, Spain, Guyana, and Thailand (yes, I had to put 4!!!)

most inspiring/favorite moment while traveling: I think it would have to be just traveling by myself and realizing how strong of a person I am! πŸ™‚ Also, finally discovering who I really am by traveling.

And when and why did you start blogging: I started blogging (Love A Traveler) a few months ago because I felt I needed to make a blog based on just my travels alone. My other blog (peaceloveandblueberries) I felt was too scattered and I needed to focus on one topic at a time. I wanted to show my love of traveling and how beautiful our world is. There is so much more to life than money and things, and I want to everyone to experience what we were given! It’s more to me about what I’m feeling and have experienced/seen what others have experienced more than about followers, having contests, and earning money. Growing up in my area, no one really understands why I travel so this is another way to feel more understood knowing that there are others just like me out there.

Love her answer to that last bit. Well I hoped you enjoyed getting to know Reima. Sadly that’s all for me and the Snail Mail Collective – the mail system here is just too unreliable. But I am so glad to have met people like Megan and Reima. I have never met them in person but I feel a close bond with them – my fellow travelers.