DSCN0863So last I left you all, I was getting ready to fill you back in on life here in the UAE and Scott and I were set to go to the northern Emirates for the week-long Eid holiday. But, life had different plans for us. Two Sundays ago we skyped with Scott’s family and discovered Scott’s grandma was not doing well. We cancelled our hotels for our trip and booked a plane tickets home. In no more than four hours from that decision Scott and I were on a plane headed for Washington D.C. From D.C. we rented a car and drove the two and a half hours to Scott’s hometown in Pennsylvania. We figured the more time with grandma the better and that maybe we could even fly out in Christmas time.

Dancing with Grandma this past July at Heidi and Brett's Wedding

Dancing with Grandma this past July at Heidi and Brett’s Wedding

The week was difficult but we were able to spend so much time with grandma. We were able to share memories with her, reminisce, and express our love. We were able to hold her hand and kiss her cheek. Sadly, however, on Wednesday night, October 16, she passed away peacefully with family surrounding her. Her husband, Scott’s grandpa, had passed away about 16 years ago and she always talked about him and you could tell carried their love in her heart. The day she passed away, the 16th, was their wedding anniversary date. What a love story. She was 92 years old. The funeral home put together this really nice obituary with pictures from her life. There is not too much more to say. The funeral was Saturday and it was a beautiful tribute to her character and long life.

first time meeting grandma

When I met this woman six years ago (see above picture), the first thing out of Scott’s mouth was “this is my favorite person in the whole world.” Scott’s grandma had an unstoppable energy – always positive, always smiling, joking, laughing – and what a beautiful laugh she had. As Scott would often say, she is probably the luckiest person alive. She was always winning giveaways and always thinking of others. She drove up until the day she fell in August. She bowled until her late 80s. She never forgot an important date. And we will never forget October 16, 2013. She meant so much to all of us and even though her life was long and full, her absence fills us with such sadness.

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