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So I can finally finish our travels from the summer – and its about time! I’ve been back in the UAE for almost a month and a half. Can’t wait to get back to the blogs all about living here. For now, don’t forget to check out my other Amsterdam posts: like arriving by boat, going to the Heineken Experience, exploring the architecture and canals, and going to the Anne Frank Huis.

So, on our last full day in Amsterdam we decided to visit the Van Gogh Museum. There are many many museums you can go to but we only had time for one so this was it! And we loved it. Van Gogh’s paintings are beautiful. We were able to see one of the many famous Sunflower paintings, the painting of his bedroom, the Almond Blossoms and many others.


After the museum we decided to rent bikes and explore more of Amsterdam! We loved loved loved riding bikes in Amsterdam. Often we would ride our bikes in Buffalo but few streets had bike lanes or were bike friendly for that matter. In Amsterdam everything is tailored for bikes and I loved it! There was a separate lane for bikes – often elevated from the street level to make you feel safer, there were bike traffic lights, and plenty of places to park and lock up your bikes. We loved it.


You can see from the picture on the right that some sections only had a bike lane. Anyways, while biking around we found ourselves in the red light district of Amsterdam. At first we had no clue – families are walking around, all the stores look normal except for a sex toy shop here and there, there are restaurants and cafes. It wasn’t under were turned onto a particular block that we realized where we were. Oh well, no bother we just turned around and to our amazing luck happened upon another brewery!!


DSCN9770Later the night we wandered back into the De Pijp district close to our hotel, went to our favorite restaurant there, and found this amazing pub that had the longest tap list I’ve ever seen – and what you see in the picture isn’t even all of it!

DSCN9775The next morning we decided to wonder over to Vondelpark to spend our last few moments soaking in this wonderful Dutch life before boarding the plane back to the UAE.


DSCN9800Near the park is the Museum Square where the famous “I AMsterdam” sign is. Well of course everyone from everywhere wanted a picture of this sign which made taking a picture to be impossible. Here – let’s play a little game of “Where’s Jenna?”

DSCN9820Oh well, I had to settle for a picture like this one, complete with other crawling all over the sign.


Our last stop before catching our flight was to a stroopwafel stand!! They are my favorite! Two wafer cookies (homemade at the stand) with hot caramel in the middle – mmmmm sooo delicious!! If I even move to Amsterdam I will make it a point to live next to this stand : )

DSCN9827Well Amsterdam, it was real swell. You made me realize that I should’ve been born Dutch – or maybe I was in a past life. I miss you more than any other place I’ve visited, and on bad days I dream of living by your wonderful canals.