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Well, it’s time to get back to our summer trip : ) After seeing almost everything in Scotland, we decided it still wasn’t time to head back to the UAE. Jenna and Dave told us that you can take a ferry from Newcastle, England to Amsterdam, Holland! We took a bus from Edinburgh to Newcastle and then caught the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam. It’s a 12 hour overnight boat and you get to stay in a room during the journey. I was really impressed. The journey felt almost like a mini-cruise instead of a ferry. At this point – after traveling from the UAE to Philadelphia, driving to Buffalo, flying to Glasgow and hoping a boat to Amsterdam – we seriously started to feel like Phileas Fogg from the book Around the World in 80 Days! At this point we had taken planes, trains, buses, and boats!

Ferry to AmsterdamDSCN9277DSCN9299

DSCN9278DSCN9318DSCN9286DSCN9340There were 2 fancy restaurants, 1 cafe, 3 lounges, and a sky bar. Everyone was really helpful and kind. As it got darker different places played live music. The journey was calm and we enjoyed most of our evening relaxing at the sky bar . . .

DSCN9348DSCN9346That’s all for now. See you in Amsterdam . . .