So, we left off at the port in Stornoway – in case you’ve missed out you can check out the first day of our trip in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belhaven Brewery, and Ullapool. I have been so excited about this post. Being on the Isle of Lewis was so beautiful and peaceful. The Isle of Lewis is the large island on the top left part of the map and the Scaliscro Lodge is letter E. This is officially the furthest point north on the planet that Scott and I have traveled to and it was really amazing.

Scotland MapThe reason for the trip to the Isle of Lewis is because one of Jenna and Dave’s friends, Kirsteen, was throwing a murder mystery for her birthday bash. So, once we got off the ferry boat, Kirsteen was kind enough to not only pick us up, but also show us around the isle before taking us to the Scaliscro Lodge. While driving, there were just fields, grasses and rolling hills everywhere.

StornowayStornoway 1The first place Kirsteen took us to was the yard of someone’s house that had a huge whale bone. To give you some perspective, this is the whale’s jaw! How crazy is it to think about that??

DSCN8205Yeah that’s us pretending the harpoon is about to drop. After seeing the whale bone we went to see the old-style houses on the island. They call them blackhouses because fire was used for heating and cooking and caused the inside of the house to turn a sooty black.

















Next we were off to Dun Carloway – an old broch (like a fort) that was built in the 1st century B.C. and probably occupied up until 1300 A.D. It was really neat to explore the fort and see all the wonderful views.

Dun CarlowayDSCN8238








DSCN8241You can see on the left the tiny door to get in . . .

DSCN8244Dun Carloway








Dun CarlowayDun Carloway 6Dun Carloway 8








Dun Carloway 7After having some fun and enjoying the view it was back in the car for the next site – the Calanais Stones. The Calanais Stones are stone circles and they can be seen in a couple parts of the island. Built thousands of years ago, it is believed that these stones were used to perform rituals.

Calanais StonesDSCN8279Calanais Stones 1








Calanais Stones 3After this trip it was time to head to the Scaliscro Lodge and get everything ready for the Murder Mystery! The lodge is in the middle of nowhere, full of character and nicknacks, and totally creepy enough for a murder mystery! All of Kirsteen’s friends showed up – dressed for their parts and the party was such a blast. At one point Scott and I stepped outside and you could see millions of stars – gorgeous!

Scaliscro Lodgescaliscro lodge 1The following morning was probably one of my favorite mornings in Scotland. The lodge was situated on a beautiful hill overlooking a beautiful lake – sheep were roaming everywhere and the slight wind made everything so peaceful.

scaliscro lodge 4scaliscro lodge 5scaliscro lodge 3DSCN8461








DSCN8450Sadly it was then time to leave the Isle of Lewis and head to our next destination . . .