Wow I’m getting so excited about the upcoming posts – sorry if they are coming at you too fast but I have so much to share!! After Edinburgh and the Belhaven Brewery, Jenna and Dave told us that one of their friends was having a Murder Mystery party in a house they rented out on the Isle of Lewis – and that we could tag along!! Now, getting to this party required a ferry boat ride from Ullapool to Stornoway and then an hour drive to the house. If you look at the map, Ullapool is not close to where we were staying. Throughout all this travel we were lucky enough for Jenna’s parents to invite us into their home and stay in between all our trips. Their house is located outside of Glasgow (or letter B on the map). They got to hear about all our crazy travels and we spent quite a few joyous evenings catching up, cracking jokes, and relaxing. So if you look at the map we would have to travel from Point B to Point D, and then a ferry boat from Point D to Point E all in one day!

Scotland MapWaayy too much traveling – even for us. So we decided to stay over for the night just outside of Ullapool (Point D) in the lovely bed and breakfast that is Inchbae:

InchbaeThe drive from Glasgow up through to Inchbae was gorgeous: mountains, rocks, fields of sheep, trees and grass. It only took a little more than 4 hours to get there and we were happy to have found this cozy place tucked away in the Scottish highlands. It certainly had a lot of character!

InchbaeSadly, by the time we arrived their kitchen was closed. We were told a place down the road might be upon but once we drove down there it was also sadly closed. It might not look late in the picture, but as you can see on the wall it’s 8:30 at night and the sun is still not close to setting. It took me a while to get used to this – the sun doesn’t fully go down until about 11 at night! It was so easy each night to be up so late because the sun doesn’t go to bed until late either! Ok, where was I? Right, Inchbae and no food . . . Thankfully the bar at the hotel was still open and it sold all kinds of snacks and drinks. So, a fine dinner of popcorn, peanuts, crisps, candies, and drinks it was (oh and I just love the stuffed iguana in front of the window!)!

DSCN8179I just love this picture and it was actually one of my favorite moments of the trip – all of us just relaxing around a dinner of snacks, laughing until the sun finally set.

The next morning we were off to the port in Ullapool and off to Stornoway. The small town of Ullapool is absolutely gorgeous! The mountains fall into the water and the quaint cafes and houses are so comforting. While waiting for the ferry Dave and I walked over to the dock and noticed two seals swimming in the water! Seals! How amazing is that?!

Caledonian FerryDSCN8186DSCN8193DSCN8194








DSCN8191DSCN8196I have never been on a ferry boat like this. It took about 2 and a half hours for us to cross the water and arrive in Stornoway. These ferry boats are really nice – complete with a restaurant, bar and comfy indoor seating. You could even bring your car onto the boat to take across with you! The views from the boat were great and after a glass of water and a muffin I was all settled in!

DSCN8200DSCN8199Around 1 in the afternoon we arrived safely at Stornoway . . .