Before reading on be sure to check that you’re all caught up with our Scotland trip including our first day, the Wallace Monument, and Glasgow. I titled this blog Edinburgh Part I because this is just the first day we went to Edinburgh. At the end of the trip, Scott and I decided to head back and stay in Edinburgh longer – and after these pictures I’m sure you’ll see why. In the map below Edinburgh is the city labeled K:

Scotland MapWhen we first started this trip Dave asked Scott and I what we really wanted to do. Well, I had the most stereotypical answer – castles and bagpipes! Well that wasn’t hard at all. Even from the Wallace monument we saw Stirling Castle and heart bagpipes! Just moments into arriving in Edinburgh we again heard bagpipes and could see Edinburgh Castle from where we parked!

Edinburgh castleedinburghEdinburgh, like Glasgow, has low buildings with amazing architecture. My favorite part was walking on the Royal Mile (the road leading to the entrance of the Edinburgh castle. We were also in the city during the fringe festival which made things really crowded but also really vibrant and alive!



edinburgh 1After strolling around the Royal Mile we decided to check out the Brew Dog bar. They brew their own beer and we’ve been able to get a few of their beers in the states. On our way there we walked by some awesome pubs – here’s a few:


Once we got to Brew Dog we grabbed ourselves a booth and Dave and Scott sampled some of the brews!

DSCN8098DSCN8079DSCN8094Brew DogBrew Dog

Brew DogBrew DogAfter having a great time at Brew Dog we decided it was time to head off to Belhaven Brewery for a tour! But before we left I wanted to get once nice shot of me with the Edinburgh Castle – too bad this happened:

Edinburgh 2It’s ok though, I still got my picture ; )

DSCN8112Remember our day didn’t end here, so stay tuned for my blog about Belhaven Brewery!