DSCN8152Dave’s sister Megan mentioned to us that Belhaven was a nice brewery to tour, and since Scott and I love touring breweries, we decided to stop on by. To get you oriented, Belhaven Brewery is located where letter C is on the map:

Scotland Map(and of course here’s the links in case you missed the other parts: our first day, the Wallace Monument, Glasgow, and Edinburgh Part I)

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, Belhaven . . .

DSCN8154This brewery is located in a series of buildings from the 18th century! The brewery has a lot of character and the tour was very informative:



When the tour was over and we were all experts on the brewing process (well, let’s be honest, Scott was already an expert!), it was time for the tasting! Delicious. If you ever get a chance to go, then try the Monk’s Retreat beer – it was my favorite!

DSCN8141DSCN8142DSCN8143Now that last picture brought up a bit of a debate among us – Dave and I swore that the Belhaven Fruit Beer tasted just like thistles! Seriously guys – just like thistles! Our tour guide told us that there are no thistles in the fruit beer but we know what we tasted . . .

Anyways we had another great time in Scotland – here’s a nice picture to sign this blog post off with: