Scotland MapOnce again in case you missed it check out Scotland Part I and Part II. But for now let’s get back to our trip and letter B on the map . . .

GlasgowAfter visiting the Wallace Monument, Jenna and Dave took us out to the center of Glasgow. We even got to see the iconic Wellington Statue (pictured above). Jenna and Dave told us that the man in the statue always has a cone on his head. Authorities used to take the cone off but someone would always put the cone back. We were lucky enough to see not on the man but the horse wearing a cone!

While walking around the city I instantly couldn’t believe all of the old buildings and how low the city was. Most of the cities in the US are tall and newer compared to most UK and European cities. I loved the old architecture.










We ventured inside Princes Square as well and did some window shopping.

DSCN8002We enjoyed the rest of the night chatting and catching up.