Some of our favorite things to do in the summertime include hiking and camping. We have missed being able to be out in the woods – the crunch of our boots on the trail, trees all around, birds and bugs, and then ending the day by a bonfire. On Wednesday we were able to soak up some of our favorite east coast activities with Emily and Josh. Even Emily’s parents were able to stop by and we enjoyed time catching up by the bonfire. We have become really close with Emily and Josh and their families – I shared a bit about this in a post from last year. Emily and Josh have a really cute cottage out in Marilla and Scott and I were lucky enough to spend 2 days hanging out with them and enjoying the summer, the outdoors, and our old home town of Buffalo. Nothing says summer more than enjoying the outdoors with friends . . .

Emily and JoshCAM00150CAM00147CAM00149








DSCN7512emily and josh 1DSCN7536DSCN7520DSCN7522The next day we went into Buffalo. Emily and I walked around while Josh and Scott went Kayaking. It was so nice to be walking around Buffalo like old times – the architecture, the circles, the flowers and tree-lined streets, and good conversation. It was a great afternoon . . .










DSCN7544Nothing is more relaxing than than time with good friends. We miss you all the time Emily and Josh. A couple days a year is no where near enough!!