So, three years ago on July 18, 2010 this happened:





jswed.0822p.s. these pictures were taken by Dominique of Modern Photographie. If you are looking for a photographer and are in the greater Buffalo area, I HIGHLY recommend her. She got the most gorgeous pictures of our day, was creative, and so easy to work with. Ok, back to my post . . .

I can’t believe that I have known Scott for 6 years and have been married to him now for 3. I even have been doing this blog long enough that I posted last year about our 2 year anniversary. I feel so blessed to have him as my husband. I thank God every day for him. Without his support, love, and care I would not be the person I am today. He is my soul mate and I am so lucky to have found him. This past year has been pretty rough at times – homesickness, sickness, cultural adjustments, stress – but through it all, knowing that Scott is there for me, I am able to continue to push on. We have only been married three years but already I have learned so much about patience, gentleness, commitment, and love. Through all our years together music has been something that has really tied us together. We took dance lessons when in college, always have music playing while cooking, and love to spontaneously dance together when out or just when in the house. So Bob Dylanwhat better way to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary than by going to a Bob Dylan concert! We just love Bob Dylan and during our wedding when Bob would clear the dance floor Scott and I were out there dancing with his best man – Ariel and his wife Amanda. Bob Dylan is not for everyone but his songs have a special place in our heart. His songs have created fond memories for us. The concert was perfect – we felt that Bob was singing just for us – and on our anniversary too! It couldn’t be more perfect. He had rugs down with low stage lighting and outdoor fire heaters on each side of the stage. Very relaxed feel. For his encore he did Blowing in the Wind – click here for a link to a video from the concert last night. Cameras were not allowed into the concert so we snapped this one before going in:

DSCN7434So happy every day to have him by my side! 3 years down with my wonderful traveling companion – here’s to 103 more!! hahaha But for now our sail is open and the wind is carrying us. God has provided thus far and no matter where the wind blows us, He will continue to provide. So far we have been blown into the storm of unemployment, carried over the ocean to the UAE, and when the wind decides to blow again we will see what’s next!