So as of two weeks ago, the nice weather has officially ended which means that its time to start our AC hibernation! No longer will we enjoy the outdoors but seek comfort indoors. The “winter” months were really nice – mostly 70s and 80s, but we have entered into the grueling summer – the summer that greeted us off the plane back in August. Just to give you some perspective on the heat, its 10:00 at night right now and 95 degrees Fahrenheit! At night! When the sun is GONE! Today the weather got up to 113 degrees and the average for this week is going to be 108! So, with the hot weather I now have to say goodbye to some of our fun activities – such as our evening strolls. Back when the weather was nice Scott and I would walk along the road by our house as the sun set and enjoy the evening. Sure on windy days we’d get a little sand in our eyes but it was just nice to be outdoors. Now, even at night, its just too hot for a walk. Remember, I can’t just walk out of my house in a strappy sun dress here. I always make sure at least my shoulders and knees are well covered so as not to be inconsiderate. This means that walking in that heat is not fun. The wonderful warm sun has now turned into a hot oppressor. Here is my goodbye to evening strolls . . .

weather walkweather walk 1weather walk 2Also with this hot weather comes hot tap water. Seriously, there is no such thing as cool water coming out of our tap anymore. When turning the blue knob on the tap only warm water comes out. When taking a shower I now have to turn the dial to the cold side just to prevent it from being steaming hot! The reason for this is that the water tanks are on the roof! So the water is doing nothing but sitting up there in the hot sun all day . . .

DSCN1662The white water tanks in this picture are actually from the building across the street but you get the idea. In our apartment building only the apartments are air conditioned so as soon as we step into the hallway we feel the heat! If we open our curtains we can feel the heat seeping in! Its everywhere! We have two posters in our house held to the wall with sticky tape and – you guess it – because of the heat the posters fall right off the walls. Yes I’m being dramatic but you get the picture.

The only good thing we’ve discovered is that our laundry dries really quickly! We air dry our clothes on the roof because driers are hard to come by in the country. You can buy a washer and drier combo meaning the washer also functions as a drier, but we were told that they don’t dry the clothes all the way – they just kind of spin the clothes for longer. So, drying the clothes on the roof is what we did. In the winter months it would take about a hour and a half, sometimes longer for our clothes to dry. Now it takes only 30 minutes for our clothes to be dry! The hot heat makes doing laundry a lot easier!

On a final note I wanted to talk about the irrigation in this country. I find it so fascinating because any grass, any trees (including most date palms), any flowers, any bushes, and any vegetation whatsoever is artificial. Sand is the only natural element here. So everywhere you go you see these black pipes all along the ground and popping out of the sand. These black pipes carry water to the plants so we can enjoy some greenery. With the weather getting hotter these hoses will be working overtime. Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean, just look for the black hoses:

DSCN6083DSCN4531DSCN4532So, goodbye for now nice weather . . . I will miss you!