I interrupt my posts about Doha to bring you this special announcement – today is my grandmother’s birthday! So all of you who were looking forward to my next Doha post will have to wait one more day because my Grandma is one special lady! Here’s the proof:

Grandma's BirthdayLast year we all gathered at my Aunt Nancey’s house to celebrate my grandma’s birthday and its moments like this that I miss the most. I know I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again and again – I am so blessed to be a part of my family. Honestly the UAE has everything but it doesn’t have my family. We are big, loud, loving, forgiving, and close.

Grandma's Birthday 2And yeah, you read that picture right – that’s just the grandchildren and great-grandchildren not even aunts and uncles! At each gathering I am so thankful. Each hug is special. Each moment is memorable. Even though I am far away for now I know that when I come home for the summer it will feel like I never left. I can’t wait to give my grandma and grandpa a huge hug. Since today is my grandmother’s birthday let me share some things that I admire and love about her: she is the most amazing cook and baker, she has a beautiful soft smile, she has a huge heart, and she is an all around wonderful woman. I hope I age as gracefully as her and I hope I have some of her spark. Miss you grandma – sending you all my love and hugs on your birthday . . .

Grandma Birthday 3