100_3223Awhile ago, over spring break, one of my students got married. I knew she had been engaged but the news of her wedding came as a surprise to me. For the first couple days back from break I had noticed that she was absent. The girls then told me she was married. In the Emirates, after a girl is married, she can no longer attend her previous school. Girls who are married go to a separate school to finish out their education. I was so sad to know that she would no longer be in my class – she was one of the best students – but I was happy to hear that she was at least attending the school for married women. Now, what I had discovered about teaching this girl was that she was in love with Paris and the Eiffel Tower! Any project or writing piece we did in class would always end up about Paris. Her dream is to see the Eiffel Tower one day . . .

Well, after finding out about her marriage, I was in the store shopping and found a tea set that had the Eiffel Tower on them!! I was so excited and instantly thought of my student! So I bought the tea set, wrapped it up and wrote her a little letter. In the letter I decided to give her some advice. I knew she was nervous about getting married and all I wanted was for her husband to treat her well and for her to be happy. Her husband is the brother of one of the girls in class and the girls told me that he loves her very much. So in the letter I wrote, “Each day try to find something about your husband that you like and cherish these qualities. Then each day you will grow to love your husband more and more.” I sent the Eiffel Tower tea cups and the letter with one of my students to deliver to her house.

tea cupA month went by and just two days ago I got a wonderful surprise – this very student came to visit! She looked so beautiful and so grown up. I jumped up like a little girl and ran to give her a big big hug. I asked her all kinds of questions. She said school was going well. She said she had traveled to all of the Emirates in the last couple weeks. I asked if it was for her husband’s business and she said no, he took off work so they could travel and spend time together! She said that this summer they have plans to travel to Paris for a late honeymoon. She just kept saying how happy she was and she was just as you would picture a newlywed wife complete with a beaming smile! She then thanked me for the tea cups that I sent her. I asked if she like them and she said they were so beautiful. She said that she keeps them on a special shelf in her house and doesn’t let anyone use them! Whenever she sees her husband reach for them she stops him and tells him no! they are only for looking at! I was so touched in so many ways. I was so thankful that school was going well for her. Thankful that her husband is treating her so well and caring for her. Thankful that she is so happy and excited about her marriage. And so thankful that she appreciated my gift so much. I just feel so touched that I am able to be apart of this young girl’s life.

*Note: Eiffel tower picture from my trip to Paris with Heather Davis in 2007, tea cup picture taken from madaboutmacarons.com