As you might have noticed my blog is featured on a website called Expats Blog – hence the link in the sidebar to Expats Blog. Its a great place to go and find blogs and spend hours reading about people who are living and working all around the world. Every couple weeks they have been doing themed writing contests for members of their site. So, last week I got up enough courage and submitted a piece of my writing to Expats Blog for their writing contest! The theme of this contest was “Working Abroad”. I’m really excited just to be submitting something : )  I would love if you had the time to read my submission – and maybe even leave a comment either on the website or down below – I’d love to hear some feedback! There are 19 of us total who have submitted from countries all around the world and from all kinds of professions. So get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, sit back in your chair and enjoy reading!! Just click here : )