The next day Scott and I decided to explore the area. After breakfast, though, we found this little guy . . .









Our resort was at the edge of two different beaches – Ao Nang Beach to the left of the resort and Nopparatthara Beach to the right. We had just seen Ao Nang the night before and found it a bit touristy so we thought we’d check out Nopparatthara. The other beach was sooo peaceful. If you walk down the beach for about 30 min you come to all these little islands and the water is shallow enough that you can walk over to them. We spent the afternoon there – it felt as if this little piece of earth was set aside just for us – so peaceful.




My adorable husband : )

My adorable husband : )



The hotel even gave us a beach bag, towels, and two beach mats! DSCN5565DSCN5566DSCN5567


Our beach

Our beach : )



DSCN5631DSCN5630Sorry for not writing as much in this blog but I think the pictures speak for themselves. The next day we decided to take a longboat to Railay Beach about 20 minutes away for another day of rest and relaxation – more on that later!