The next day we took things slow and headed to the airport to catch our flight down south to Krabi. When we first arrived in Thailand it was late at night and we were pretty exhausted, but seeing the Bangkok International Airport during the day was really nice. They had real flowers all over the inside of the airport, modern architectural designs, and gardens around the airport offering peaceful views while waiting to board your plane.


Yep – they even had Auntie Anne’s!! After 9 months of no soft pretzels you know I had to get a cinnamon sugar coated pretzel!!! The Emirates has many things but surprisingly no soft pretzels. We took Thai Airway’s partner Thai Smile to Krabi . . .

DSCN5430We arrived in Krabi and then took a 35 min taxi ride to Ao Nang Beach which was where our hotel was. Our hotel was situated just off the beach and was all Eco-friendly. The grounds were sure to keep as many original trees and plants when they did the landscaping and because of it we felt in the middle of the jungle just off the beach! It was very nice and relaxing to be surrounded by trees, bushes, flowers, birds and cicadas.

DSCN5436DSCN5438The Pakasai Resort was great too because they had about 7 or more buildings scattered throughout their grounds and each building had 4-6 rooms but each room had a separate, private entrance so you really felt like you had the place to yourself – they really did a great job designing it.


Where we ate breakfast

Where we ate breakfast


DSCN5862After putting our suitcases in our room we were invited to the bar area for a welcome smoothy!


DSCN5466We saw that the sun was about to set so we walked down to Ao Nang Beach.

DSCN5476DSCN5484DSCN5477DSCN5487DSCN5481DSCN5488DSCN5495After exploring the Ao Nang beach side, some shops, and getting some dinner we called it a peaceful night and headed back to the hotel – turned out we had someone waiting for us . . .