Hey everyone – sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been really sick this week and totally stressed about work (lots of evaluations, important people coming in, walk throughs, etc. etc.). I was even getting bad neck cramps so the doctor gave me this amazing rub on pain medication with a horse on it! Its working and after my first day off this whole year I’m feeling much better. Anyways – back to our adventures from last weekend . . .

We decided to go to Dubai to look at some Jeep Wranglers we had seen posted online, but after we called to inquire about the two we were told that both had already sold : ( Bummer. But we went to Dubai anyways. We spent the afternoon to late evening lazily relaxing and reading on the beach:

DSCN4386It was an incredibly beautiful day.


So what the Kindle claims is true! So easy to read even in the sunlight!!

So what the Kindle claims is true! So easy to read even in the sunlight!!

DSCN4396After enjoying the beach for a couple hours we headed over to the Karama district to do some shopping. We found a really neat Pakistani place and had a great dinner. Scott even bought a “Rolex”!

CAM00066Dear Rolex, I think you just found your new model : )

After that we headed to the Dubai Mall get grab some coffee and do some more shopping. We found a nice place to sit outside and drink our Tims! While sitting outside the fountain show started – we’ve seen it a few times so we just admired it from afar . . .

CAM00069While sitting there, Scott noticed that our Tim Hortons cups were made in Rochester, NY!!! Can you believe it – here we are sitting halfway around the world, in Dubai, and the coffee cup we hold in our hands was shipped all the way from Rochester!!! How crazy?! It sure did make me miss home.

CAM00073In front of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – let’s get a closer look . . .

CAM00072Yeah – that’s right . . . Rochester!!! So amazing and so crazy. Notice is says “Roasted in Rochester, NY” which we hope means that the beans were roasted there before being shipped – maybe not but we can pretend! But anyways, thank you Tim Hortons for making yet another trip to Dubai worthwhile!