Our wonderful friends Dave and Jenna who live across the hall from us decided to share one of their Scottish traditions – Robbie Burns Day! It’s based on the poet Robert Burns. Jenna went all out and made traditional Scottish Haggis, meat pies, tatties (potatoes), nips (turnips) and carrots, and even vegetarian haggis which we jokingly called tofaggis (like tofurkey but Scottish style!). Jenna played Scottish music all night and we all just enjoyed celebrating with them:

DSCN4181The boys with their makeshift kilts on – well David in the middle is the only one with a real kilt. Davin is holding the Robby Burns day book. It had all the traditions, poems, cheers, recipes, and dances in it!

DSCN4176David with Jahbi and her daughter Yosana – Yosana sported her plaid in the spirit of the Scottish holiday : ) She is sooo cute!

DSCN4184Before eating David read a beautiful  Scottish toast

DSCN4185Jenna unveiling the delicious food!

DSCN4188My delicious plate full of haggis, beef pie, tatties, nips and carrots, and mac and cheese! We decided it was a Scottish thanksgiving!

DSCN4178Jahbi totally excited about her vegetarian haggis – aka tofaggis!!

Jenna, Jahbi, and me

Jenna, Jahbi, and me (I later found bits of haggis in that scarf – score!)

DSCN4190If you can read it the book is called “Ra Wee Book A Glasca Banter.” Jenna and Dave got it for us. We all had fun reading it and learning some new Scottish phrases. So thank you Robbert Burns for giving the world Robbie Burns Day!