Once again we’ve packed a lot into the last couple days. Our Abu Dhabi journey started off with a visit to the Heritage Village:

DSCN4001DSCN4003DSCN4004DSCN4006DSCN4013DSCN4018DSCN4022DSCN4024DSCN4028DSCN4030And now get ready for the best series of pictures from the whole trip . . . compliments of my brother Austin:

DSCN4032DSCN4034DSCN4033What a fun day! And the laughs continue:

DSCN4035Grandma and Grandpa we found a cow!

DSCN4041I have to take a break for now – we are all back in Al Ain and are off to the Oasis for more adventures!! Stay tuned for more . . .