I interrupt my posts about Nepal to bring you some very special memories from today. I also posted more about Nepal today so if you didn’t see it it’s after this post. So as I said last night my mother and brother arrived and I couldn’t be happier. Christmas finally came to the UAE and we all celebrated this morning.


My grandma sent my favorite sweet rolls with my mom so we were able to savor every one. This is how you feel before eating one of my grandma’s sweet rolls:

DSCN3622And this is how happy and full you feel afterwards:

DSCN3624My brother of course made an entrance with his holiday costume:

DSCN3636DSCN3630Man does my brother crack me up! Too funny. We then had some really great moments – first we opened a card my grandma made for everyone to sign – really touching. It was really hard being away for Christmas and it meant so much to read from all my family back home:


DSCN3641My mom brought over so many cards and gifts from loved ones back home – it meant so much to us to hear from so many people back home.

Then some really great ornaments from my godparents:


And this gorgeous necklace!

And this gorgeous necklace!

We even got so many gifts from Scott’s family as well. We have so many people who care and love for us even though we are so far away.

DSCN3632DSCN3654A journal, daily calendar, and puzzle – you know us well mom and dad Griffith! You’re the best : )

This day really helped with the homesickness and made me feel so close to everyone. We ended the morning with some humor from Aunt Nancy – a singing card complete with part of a pine tree and fake snow!

DSCN3658A couple hours later my mother’s lost bag was finally delivered to the apartment! She was so relieved as anyone who knows my mother can imagine!We were then off to the desert to show my mom and brother the sand dunes.

DSCN3665DSCN3667DSCN3668 DSCN3671DSCN3673DSCN3675While we were exploring the sand dunes a bunch of cars drove towards us and started dune bashing – we had a real show. Thankfully none of the cars tipped over, it looked like they were having a blast!

DSCN3674We then ended the day with some homemade shwarma chicken wraps at the park!

DSCN3677We’re off to Dubai tomorrow!! Goodnight everyone : )