We finished school on Thursday and Scott finished his final semester of grad school last night!!! I am so proud of him – for the past year and a half he has taught full time while going to grad school full time – even this past summer he took two classes so he could finish up. All he has to do now is take a test in April. So, to celebrate I took Scott to Trader Vics and let him order a nice big steak to celebrate!

He sure is happy to be done!

He sure is happy to be done!

soon we are off to Kathmandu, Nepal and I couldn’t be more excited. First we fly into Kathmandu and then catch a little hopper plane to Pokhara. Pokhara is located at the tip of a lake and the mountains just fall into it. Our hotel is within walking distance of the lake. For some pictures from lonely planet click here. The picture below is from the lonely planet’s website. Boats, Phewa Tal, Pokhara

I cannot wait to be around FRESH water and MOUNTAINS! Numerous guide books have mentioned that the winter is the best time to see the mountains because its so clear. When we go back to Kathmandu we will head over to Nagarkot and our hotel there said that one clear days you can see Everest in the distance – here’s hoping we get a glimpse of that giant mountain! For this trip we have just planned on doing day hikes but we hope to get back in the warmer months to do some backpacking! During the day it looks like the weather will be in the 60s but at night it will get down to the 30s (Fahrenheit). Since its still in the upper 80s here we needed to buy some warm weather clothes. In Dubai we happened upon a Columbia store (my favorite!) and they had a huge sale. So I got a jacket with a fleece insert, a sweater, and hiking pants that have an extra lining inside for warmth! oh and of course my number one essential item when hiking and traveling in cool places . . . a hat!

DSCN2768Gotta love the pompom on top! Most of the time I’ve found that when I’m cold I don’t need another layer, I just need a hat! Since my favorite white hat that has been on all my trips with my is in a box back in America I decided to buy this one! Now I am not sure about the internet situation when we get there so if I do not post its not because I’ve forgotten about my blog but because we are off in the middle of Nepal having an adventure! Happy Holidays everyone : )