So two days ago one of my students came to my office with a bag in her hand. She opened the bag and pulled out a bunch of dresses (or as they are called here Kandoras). She went on to tell me that I should pick one out and wear it at the National Day celebration at school the next day. I thought she was maybe letting me borrow one of hers because many of the girls dress up for National Day. I thought maybe she didn’t want me to feel left out.  A couple months ago she asked me if I liked the Kandoras and said she wanted to have one made for me. She took my measurements and I fully anticipated to pay her for it. When I saw the dresses I figured that maybe she knew someone my size. Well she took those measurements and had all 5 Kandoras made for me! After finding out that the dresses were for me to keep not borrow and that they were a gift from her I almost started crying! No student has ever thought of me like that and I was so overwhelmed by her generosity. I gave her such a big hug and I cannot wait to model all of them at school!! I feel so blessed. One of the students told me that the girl who made them for me was so happy that I am her teacher – I will always remember this moment – I am so touched.

The five kandoras she had made for me – love the patterns and details : )

This one is my favorite!