So last Friday we decided to take a day trip to Dubai. Previously we went and saw the Burj Khalifa but this time we decided to do some other things in Dubai. This is only our second time there and we just keep discovering different sections of the city that we want to explore. During this trip we went to the indoor ski slope at the Mall of the Emirates, got great views of my favorite building – the Burj al Arab – from Jumeirah beach, did another Ikea run, and spent our time in the late hours of the evening at Global Village.

So – on to our first adventure – Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates. As we drove closer to it, we were able to see the ski slope from the outside:

When we went inside it was pretty cool. I was bummed because they are putting in a Cheesecake Factory so the window where you can view the slope directly were blocked off. But we got some great side shots of the slope and the children’s area. They children can luge, sled, and watch the penguins!

Gotta love the snowman!

The Chair Lift

View from the second floor

My favorite was that the recreated a sort of chalet lodge restaurant right next to the windows! The whole thing had a great feel to it and I actually found myself missing the snowy white winters of Buffalo!

After a leisurely walk around the Mall of the Emirates with a cup of coffee it was off to Jumeirah beach. It was not about 5pm and the sun was starting to set (we slept in and had a slow start to the day). We found a side road where we could park right next to the sand and right away we could tell we found a gorgeous spot. The sand was the white, the water blue, and the crowds far off in the distance. This quickly has become our favorite spot in the Dubai and I think these pictures will show you why:

It has a perfect view of my all time favorite building – the Burj Al Arab! Justin Rusek if you are reading this do you remember studying this building in Mr. Keller’s architecture class in high school?? I cannot believe that I actually got to see this building in real life! It is designed to look like the sail of a boat. It is a hotel – a very expensive hotel that we cannot afford to stay at! – but maybe one day we will go inside and eat dinner at one of the restaurants just so I can say that I’ve actually been inside the building! Ok enough about the Burj Al Arab – back to the pictures:

Caught Scott playing in the ocean again!

There were a ton of sea shells – so we collected some : )

We continued to walk on the beach until it was dark and all of Dubai was lit up behind us. We then ventured to Ikea to get a spare bed and mattress for when my brother and mom come to visit!! Did I mention they are coming?? I am so excited and cannot wait to share my life here with them!

So after picking out everything at Ikea it was 8:30 at night. We decided to postpone the hour and a half drive home a bit more and go to Global Village! It is a place in Dubai that is only open from November to March. It is like a fair but along this canal there are various buildings that represent countries from all over the world. Each country puts on shows and sells things from their country. So in just a few hours we went to Qatar, China, Kenya, Greece, Iraq, Malaysia, Thailand and so much more! If only traveling was really that quick! Here’s some snapshots of the Global Village:


A fire dancer from Romania!

A beautiful dance from South Korea


We finally decided to call it a night around 11:00pm and drive home. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that for the hour and a half drive home we had to deal with the bed we just bought:

Can you see that long box through the car? Well we did not realize that the back seats the rental car do not fold down – so leave it to the good people at Ikea to find a way to wedge the box inside and rest it on the dashboard and back seat! I just thank the Lord that we made it home safely – I was praying the whole hour and a half home! But it was just another event-packed day in the Emirates : )