Sorry to say that there are no pictures with this post, but I am just have to share about my day anyways. Their big project for this trimester was to create a story that had a life lesson related to health (eat healthy food, exercise, find good friends, don’t give in to peer pressure etc. etc.). The girls wrote their stories in class and some of them are sooo creative! I am hoping tomorrow to post some pictures of them. Today they were supposed to read their stories to the class. Many of my girls struggle with reading and many lack basic phonic skills – so of course you can imagine how nervous they were with the thought of having to read in front of the whole class. We practiced in class and they even practiced by reading to a group of 1st grade girls but still many struggled to pronounce words correctly. Well last night I could tell that many practiced their butts off because today every student – and I mean every student – blew me away. They were fluent and expressive and I was just beaming over with joy!! One of the girls, who is extremely low, read her whole story without any mistakes!! I jumped out of my seat and gave her a big hug I was so happy for her! The smile on her face said what everyone in the class was feeling. I could not have been a more happy for them : )