So after leaving the Souk (and if you did not read about our previous adventures just scroll on down!) Scott and I continued to walk on the Corniche and saw this old Portuguese fort:

We saw that there was an old stair case that lead to the top and decided to climb up!

Scott starting the climb with our bags from the souq!

Some nice views from the top

After climbing to the top we continued our walk on the Corniche – I just loved all the palm trees:

After our walk we drove to the old part of Muscat and spend some time at the Gate Museum. It had great views of Old Muscat and the gate itself was quite beautiful:

Now – let’s play a game – it’s called “Where’s Jenna?” Scott took a couple pictures and later I realized that you can barely see me in them! hahah so much for trying to look pretty in the pictures : )

Ok enough of that – now back to pictures from inside the gate and around the area:

After leaving the Gate Museum we headed back to the Hotel for a romantic dinner by the gardens.

The next morning we went for an early swim on the beach before checking out. We then enjoyed our drive back to our home in the UAE thanks to the mountains:

This trip was one of our all time favorites. Relaxing, beautiful. historical, and inspiring. Each moment lingered and slowed the world down.