This past long weekend Scott and I traveled to the neighboring country of Oman. It was the running joke while we were there – “O man, we’re in Oman!” hahaha. We kept saying” O man!” while there – sometimes on purpose and sometimes by mistake. Oman was really breath taking: the mountains, the beautiful landscape, the ocean, the sands. For this first post I will focus on Friday only . . .

Driving into Muscat, Oman after five hours. The mountains were amazing

Our hotel room at the InterContinental – sea view!

We even saw these birds outside of our balcony! They were flying around everywhere!

The gardens of the hotel

The entrance to the beach

Scott just loved playing in the water

It was such a relaxing evening. The beach was full of so many families out for an evening stroll. The waters were beautiful. The deep waters are a smoky dark blue and the shallow waters are a wonderful jade.  The colors the whole evening were spectacular – a midnight blue sky with a white disk moon, green palms and grasses with stone gray palm tree trunks, and dull brown rock falling into the dark blue ocean. After soaking in the evening we strolled back to the hotel.  I just had to take pictures of the lobby – also beautiful . . .

The lobby with its streaming light chandeliers

We of course finished off this lovely evening with some brews at the hotel pub : )