About a week ago, my students did a presentation on Emirati culture and traditions for their Arabic class. Part of the presentation included wedding customs. After this presentation we all went back to the class and the girls wanted to know if I thought the wedding jewelry was pretty. Well of course I thought the jewelry was beautiful and so the girls asked if they could put the wedding jewelry on me!! Now what girl would refuse that offer??!! So as the girls put the jewelry on me, another one of my students was kind enough to take pictures for me. It made me so nervous though because all of the jewelry you see is real gold! Below are some pictures of the jewelry:

Here I am wearing the headpiece and the necklace – I just loved the head piece I thought it was so gorgeous. Just about all of the girls have long hair and it looks so pretty on them. My short hair does not do it justice.

Of course earrings to match!

After trying on the jewelry, my students had me put on something called a “burga.” This face piece is worn only by mothers older than 40. The girls think it is so cute and they even make the burgas in pure gold. The one I am wearing in the picture below is not made of gold but you can get the idea. The girls told me that the older women wear it to make their noses look longer because they think long noses are beautiful. One of my students, Fatima, kindly noted that my nose is nice and long and beautiful! Here are pictures of the burga:

View of the burga from the side with the veil on. I love how the gold shines through the black lacy veil.

The girls told me to act flirty in the picture hahaha

There is a T.V. show here called “Freej” and it was created by an Emirati man. The show is hilarious and it is all about these four old women who sit around, drink coffee, complain about the world, and get into all sorts of trouble. We found it subtitled in English and have really been enjoying it. In the show, all of the women wear the burga:

If you want to see more pictures of the show or even watch parts of episodes you can go to their main website to check it out! So after dressing my like a young bride, and then an old woman, the last thing was to dress me like a man:

Here I am wearing the gutra (head scarf). Clearly you can tell that I prefer the wedding jewelry – the things women wear are just so much more prettier than the things men wear : ) So that is all for now from the little town of Nahel: