So after days of collecting the right paperwork and getting documents translated and stamped, we now have Abu Dhabi, UAE driving licenses!

We brought our pile of paperwork to the department of licensing today. There are two waiting rooms – the main one for men and a side one for women. In many places women will have their own place to wait or stand in line – and it is much easier to get things done in these lines! At grocery stores, banks, hospitals, and the licensing office, women can enjoy faster lines, friendly female service, and private waiting areas. My license was processed half as quickly as it took Scott to get his! After the woman processed my information she kindly handed me my license and said “mabrook!” which means congratulations in Arabic!  Personally I’d prefer my New York State license picture over the UAE one but it doesn’t really matter. My favorite thing about getting the license was that not even a minute after it being placed in my hands did I get this text message from UAE traffic:

Gotta love it! After coming home we really felt like we accomplished something! After a week of gathering papers and stamps and documents we can finally drive as a resident in the UAE – crazy!