We had such a great time at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival! Scott and I went with our friends Jenna and Dave who I have mentioned before. They are so much fun and we had such a spectacular evening. We had not been back to Abu Dhabi City since we moved to Al Ain four weeks ago so it was good to go someplace familiar again. We ended up seeing three movies: Mumbai’s King (Indian), The Company You Keep (American), and A Hijacking (Danish). If you are interested you can look up the trailers to these movies on YouTube. The most artistic movie was Mumbai’s King – beautiful music was interwoven with artistic shots of Mumbai. We were even able to meet the director afterwards and ask questions and give him our feedback about the movie! The Company You Keep was our least favorite. It starred Robert Redford, Shia LeBeouf, and Susan Sarandon. It was good enough but it was not a movie I would see over and over again. The acting was great but the plot was lacking. Lastly was A Hijacking. This was about a Danish ship that get overrun with Somali pirates. It was probably the best overall movie we saw. The plot was really well done. I was worried that the movie would be all action and suspense, but the director made it feel really real with many moments for us to get to know the characters and the situation. If you get a change to see it back home it is worth a watch. The movie had a strong message about negotiation and the psyche. But enough of my rambling. Here are some pics from the evening:

Jenna and Dave on the red carpet leading to the Emirates Palace where one of the movies was shown. It is on their bucket list to go to a film festival so they are holding up the number it is on their list.

Us on the red carpet

Inside the Emirates Palace before the second movie started

Inside one of the theater about to see The Company You Keep. This was at the Emirates Palace the other theaters were like regular theaters back home. You can see that we got there early to make sure we all could sit together!

Dave and Jenna again – we had such a great evening!

We had such a good time that Scott and I are thinking about going back next weekend because they are doing the short film competition. If we go we will keep you posted!! Masalaama . . .