About two days ago my grandparents celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary! How amazing and how wonderful! My grandparents always love, always support, and always care. How blessed we are to have them as role models for our marriage. I can only hope that Scott and I one day also celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary. Today everyone is getting together to celebrate and I knew it would be times like this where I would be homesick. I love when family gets together – so much laughter, so much relaxation, and such good conversation. It was hard being at school today because all I wanted to do was get on a plane home so I could celebrate with my grandparents and family. I told my girls about my grandparents and their anniversary and what we would do to celebrate. They were so happy to hear that they have been together for 61 years – “oh how wonderful miss!” “so amazing miss” “maybe one day I will be in love that long!” “miss, maybe you and mr. Scott will have 61 year anniversary one day!” Later, one of my students came and made me sweet camel milk tea which cheered me up. But now I will post some pictures of my grandparents, who you can tell by their faces that they are still so much in love today, and send all my love and good feelings their way.

The grandchildren of the family

Having fun at grandma and grandpa’s house

My grandma’s 80th birthday last summer

Tearing up while saying goodbye at our going away party

Love this picture from our wedding day. Grandma and grandpa if you somehow happen to read this – we love you and miss you so much and we wish you all the happiness that you constantly give us.