There are so many beautiful tea cups and sets in all the stores here. I have seen so many I liked and so many I wanted. A couple days ago, I saw the set pictured above. I loved the gold design on the cup and the fact that the saucer has an extra bump out of it that both adds to the design and makes it easy to carry! I think that its ornate and delicate and perfect for my home here. Drinking coffee and tea is always much better with a pretty cup and saucer! The thing you see on top is a wonderful cookie that my Scottish friend Jenna got me hooked on. It is made up of two thin wafer cookies with a layer of caramel in the middle. You are supposed to place the wafer on top of your coffee cup and as the heat rises from the coffee, it warms the wafer and melts the caramel – YUM!! I believe these cookies are imported from the UK and thank goodness – they are so delicious! After a long day of teaching and planning a nice cup of coffee in my new china cup complete with a caramel wafer is the way to wind down : )