Wow – sorry it has taken me so long to post. This week has really kicked my butt and I have been exhausted! I finally found some time to relax tonight so I am posting : ) Last Friday night, Scott and I decided to go to the Jebel Hafeet. It is the second largest mountain in the UAE at 2,000 ft. All of the mountains that Scott and I have seen or climbed have all been green mountains – but because everything is dry, the Jebel Hafeet is a rocky, sandy mountain reminiscent of the scenery out west. We heard that there was a hotel at the top with a restaurant terrace to view the city of Al Ain below. So Friday we decided that we needed a nice romantic night eating dinner at the top of a mountain! We drove up the mountain during sunset and ate dinner as the sun was setting low. Just driving up the mountain during that time of day was breath-taking. There are many places to stop and get pictures. We listened to Bedouin Soundclash on the way up and down the mountain for two reasons: 1) we teach Bedouin (nomadic) kids in the desert at school and love the irony that this Canadian group named their band after the Bedouins, 2) They have two songs about mountains, one is about climbing to a mountain top and one is about coming down from a mountain top! So as you look through the pictures click on this link to listen to the music for the full experience . . .

On our way – the mountain in the distance

Starting the climb up the mountain

View from the first viewpoint

The road that zigzags up the mountain

The entrance to the hotel at the top of the mountain

The lobby of the hotel – love the ivy!

The amazing view from the top

The romantic restaurant

The hotel

The view of our new home – Al Ain – from the mountain top

On our way down the mountain we played another Bedouin Soundclash song. It is one of my favorites . . . enjoy