So I do not know if I mentioned it before, but Scott has to off-road in the dirt and sand each morning to get to his school! His school is about another half a mile down the road from mine in the town of Nahel but there are literally 12 speed bumps on the way. So, all of the men who teach at that school off-road it to avoid the speed bumps! Once Scott gets to his school there is a hole in the gate just the right size for a car to fit through, and so he squeezes the car through the gate and – voila! – that’s how Scott gets to school each morning! Gotta love the desert! It is really great teaching in the same area because Scott and I are teaching the same families. I am teaching Scott’s students’ sisters and cousins! My girls told me yesterday that I am teaching their brothers and they have heard all about Mr. Scott! It’s pretty neat. But to backtrack, this week we were given baseline tests to administer to our students to see where they are at. The writing portion had student write about their summer and how they celebrated Eid Al Fitr (the end of the Ramadan Fasting). Most students went to Oman, KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and other places around the world. So far the best response on the test came from one of Scott’s students:

The spelling needs a little work but I hope you can read it alright. I just love the fact that some things are the same everywhere. Anyone who knows my mother knows that she would be rushing right off to the mall after her prayers! Luckily my father does not have to go with her!! I just love the fact that this student still goes to the mall with his mother and sisters because he knows they want to – and even if it means an annoying afternoon for himself! Such a great story.