Scott has been a bit sick these past few days – fighting a cold. Since we teach out in the desert schools there is sand in the air all the time. While walking to my classroom, if I open my mouth to smile I find that my teeth are instantly filled with sand and grit. So of course Scott and I have sinus congestion and post-nasal drip. But, if my father taught me anything it was that a good batch of homemade chicken soup cures all! Thankfully I found everything I needed for his secret recipe over here! So Dad, this post is for you : ) After a long day teaching it felt good to cook up some chicken soup from scratch, sit at the table with my loved-one and feel the warm steam of the soup hit my face as the AC blared in the background. A simple, rejuvenating evening filled with reminiscent thoughts of family and life back in Buffalo. A very nostalgic night .