I know this poem might be simple and trite but I feel like sharing it with you all nonetheless. Below I have some more pictures of my school. They were taken on my phone so I apologize for the poor quality. I wrote the poem yesterday and thought it captured some of the moments in my day. Enjoy:

A Desert School Sunday Morning

Cream caramel sand whips ‘round past the road
A reminder of a past that is bold

Birds flutter through the breaks in the day
Perched comfortably on the cracks in the walls
Sharp angled wings cut the thick desert heat
Feathers fall on the tan sandy floor

The bell bellows out and echoes, echoes
A sound that stands harsh and looks back as it goes

Girls saunter by, their skirts reach the ground
Their grace and their pride chide hardened hot winds
Shaylas hold tight to the curves of faces
Then their smiles sing songs to the sun

The canopy keeps their whispers and sighs
A secret that’s kept from Arabian skies

The Main Entrance

The painted windows leading to the office area

A nice place for parents, teachers, and staff to rest in the office area. Notice on the right hand side on the wall is a finger scanner. Each day we scan into work with our fingerprint and out of work with our fingerprint! Crazy technology – I feel like James Bond!

A mural of the men’s traditional dance (today done with sticks, in the past it was done with guns), the women’s traditional dance where they wave their hair around, and two traditional instruments

Classroom #1 This is used for my 11A class and I share it with 10 teachers

Classroom #2 for my 11B class and it is also shared with the same 10 teachers (the students stay in the same class and the teachers come to them)

Another view of Classroom #2

The flag pole where the morning assembly takes place

The beautiful birds that wait for me as I leave class in between periods. As I walk by they all fly past me – it makes me smile each time : )