Our good friends Jenna and David who live across the hall from us joined the Rugby Club. We are thinking of joining – you do not have to play Rugby to be a member. They have a gym, pool, and restaurant. They also do special nights for teachers and nights where they have bands playing. Unlike us, David does play rugby and has joined the Al Ain Amblers Rugby Team. They are from Scotland and he used to play in high school. We have had many fun nights talking and getting to know them. Today was David’s first scrimmage and teams from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha were there competing. Unfortunately during the game someone did an illegal headbutt on David and his face is a bit bruised. Thankfully his team ended up winning and David didn’t break his nose!! After the game we listened to the live band, ate some dinner at the restaurant, and watched the sun set on another wonderful day in Al Ain: